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Butterfly diffuser Almond & Jasmine



The most feminine of the whole Profumotti line, here a pink Butterfly take flight. This endearing Profumotto is the result of the union between the design project and the craft production of the tailoring workshop that produce by hand both the prototypes and the completely italian production. For this reason it's protected from counterfeiting, thanks to the registration of the trademark and design to guarantee their authenticity.
It is available equipped with either an handy elastic or with a plastic clamp to attach it to the air vents of the car. Bring the Butterfly aways with you: put it in your suitcase or keep it in the gym bag, it will give your clothes a fresh scent; upon request it can be produced in other colors and fragrances.

ALMOND & JASMINE: The Jasmine’s  fresh and floral essence combined with the sweetness of the almond give to these elegant essence the ability to create a pleasant and relaxing  atmosphere that you will not do without.

Almond & jasmine
This jasmine’s fresh and floral fragrance joined to the almond sweetness, will give you a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. You can never go back!

Regular: 9,8 x 9 cm

  • Handmade
  • With clip
    With clip

This product is not available. If you want more information send us your request! Information request

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