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10 May 2021

Fragrances and personal care: fragrances to feel good

How often do we associate a perfume with happy moments from our childhood or simply with memories and places that evoke serenity and a good mood? The sense of smell, more than any other sense, evokes and helps the psyche and the body to regain well-being and balance. 

Why don't we also take care of ourselves through scents and fragrances? This is the purpose of our Profumotti®: to capture fragrances and scents, for every taste and need, that help you feel good. Because personal care also involves the sense of smell. This is our mood!

Profumotti®: each fragrance has its own beneficial action

Not all fragrances are the same, nor are our tastes. And how does a particular fragrance affect our perception? It differs from person to person! Each essence has its own beneficial effect on the sense of smell and the mind too. 

But let's take a closer look at the properties of each fragrance:

  • Citrus: This is the aroma par excellence that evokes nature and the sea. Its power? To give charge and energy.
  • Lavender: its fresh and clean essence has a great anti-stress and regenerating action for the nervous system. Perfect for relaxing the mind and giving balance!
  • Cinnamon & Pomegranate: sweet and enveloping, this fragrance is much appreciated in winter, immediately giving a warm and familiar atmosphere.
  • Bourbon Vanilla and Cedar & Vanilla: With a sweet aroma and delicate persistence, these fragrances are very popular in summer and winter, bringing relaxation and calm to any room.
  • Patchouli and oriental woods: Warm, enveloping and exotic tones such as patchouli and oriental woods have great relaxing and calming power. Their effects? Providing protection and warmth.
  • Green tea: A fragrance that is undoubtedly fresh and joyful is green tea, with a pleasant persistence and top notes consisting of lemon and fresh tea leaves. 

Profumotti® have always been synonymous with good cheer, thanks to the different shapes and patterns they come in. Simply perfect to suit your style and express your creativity!

Profumotti® and well-being: a partnership that is good for the environment

For us at Eurotessuti, personal well-being goes hand in hand with the respect and protection of the environment. This is why all our Profumotti®, from fabric or wool and even those made from recycled plastic bottles, are made in a 100% handcrafted way. The raw materials used are natural and the production methods are carefully designed to minimise waste without releasing harmful substances into the environment. This means having a unique, iconic, but above all quality product with the aim of doing good to ourselves and the environment around us.

Choose your collector's item! We reward you with 10% discount on your first purchase. Your well-being starts here!

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