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12 September 2022

Autumn fragrances for him and her

Autumn fragrances for him and her: the perfect scents to greet the arrival of autumn

Autumn is coming! The new season will bring with it new colors and scents, completely different from the previous ones. The arrival of autumn is therefore the best time to change fragrance, abandon the fresh summer scents to choose warmer, intense and enveloping scents, which perfectly adapt to the autumn climate. The best autumnal fragrances are those that recall the scents of leaves and the sweet notes of flowers and seasonal fruits, perfect also to vaporize in environments to pamper themselves when temperatures drop and the days begin to shorten. 

There are many scents reminiscent of autumn, perfect to show off in these months. But what are, in particular, the most widespread fragrances? And what are the best autumn fragrances for him or for her? Here are some suggestions of fragrances to buy or give during this season, ideal to use at home to warm and perfume the different environments. 

Women’s autumn perfumes: vanilla and floral fragrances

Autumn women’s perfumes are filled with sweet notes, such as vanilla, which recall the typical scents of this season. Vanilla scents are distinguished by the natural, warm and enveloping aroma and are famous for their soothing and relaxing properties. For this reason they are particularly suitable also to perfume the house or professional environments, to create a more welcoming atmosphere and convey a feeling of immediate well-being. Among the autumn fragrances ideal for her there are also: 

  • lavender, one of the most widespread fragrances in the world of perfumery, with a delicate but persistent aroma, capable of reminding the mind of sensations of freshness and well-being. Alone, or combined with citrus or floral notes, it can give life to combinations of particularly refined and sophisticated fragrances; 
  • rose, a delicate and feminine fragrance, perfect for the most romantic and for those who love floral scents and enveloping. It is an emotionally relaxing scent, known for its regenerating properties, which can help improve mood and relieve stress; 
  • cinnamon, a fragrance typically autumn and winter, which is distinguished by spicy notes, often also combined with smoky shades, woody or gourmand, or with orange flowers or vanilla. The intense and pungent smell of cinnamon goes very well with citrus essences, but you can also create more sophisticated combinations with nutmeg, ginger or juniper.

Men’s autumn aromas with musky and citrus notes

Autumn fragrances for men are distinguished by sophisticated and charismatic notes, which recall the aromas of the earth, nature and walks in the woods. One of the most popular fragrances for autumn is definitely cedar wood. This fragrance is very warm and enveloping and is perfect for bringing warmth on cold autumn days. Another very popular men’s fragrance for autumn is white musk, soft and sweet, which immediately strikes the senses with its warm, sensual and enveloping aroma. The notes of musk, which are the basis of almost all oriental scents, are often used to make eau de parfum from timeless charm, particularly suitable for the autumn period. 

Even the fragrances with citrus notes are among the favorite men’s perfumes for the autumn season. It is often thought that citrus scents are only suitable for summer: nothing could be more wrong! Fresh, energizing and sparkling, they are perfect for transmitting energy and good humor, even on the most gray and cold days of the year. 

The Perfumers ideal for autumn: discover all the fragrances of Profumotti®

The Profumotti® are a valid alternative to the classic perfumes to bring your favorite autumnal fragrances always with you. Perfect for both him and her, they are entirely handmade in Italy and contain combinations of exclusive fragrances, perfect for warming up the cold autumn days.  

They are available in different sizes: Mini, ideal to hang on bags and backpacks, to use in the car or as cute scented keychains, or Regular, designed to spread the fragrances gradually and durably in cabinets, walk-in closets, shoe racks or in different rooms of the house. You can also use them as original ornaments and place them on chests of drawers and bedside tables!

You can find lots of autumnal fragrances, such as citrus, orange and blueberry, cinnamon and pomegranate, cedar and lime, lavender, oriental woods, bourbon vanilla and many more. Discover all the Profumotti® available and choose your favorites to greet the arrival of autumn with unmistakable scents!

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