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22 December 2022

Home diffusers: how to choose the fragrance that best suits you

All the tips to choose the perfect fragrance for you and your home 

Home diffusers are the perfect solution to perfume the house and make it more cozy. However, in order to enhance your home spaces and make the atmosphere really special, you will need to carefully select fragrances, which should fit perfectly into different environments and reflect your personality. Some fragrances, in fact, can be particularly suitable for certain rooms of the house, such as the bedroom or the living room, while others can be used in the kitchen, the living room or in areas for relaxation.

When you think of the perfect fragrance for you and your home, what comes to mind? Perhaps a sweet fragrance with fruity or flowery notes. Or maybe a more intense and enveloping scent, with spicy notes? The choice of fragrances is subjective and personal, but there are still some guidelines you can follow to find the one that best suits you. Here are some tips and tricks to choose the best scents according to your personal preferences and the environment in which they will be used.

The perfect fragrance for every room in the house

Each fragrance is different and differs from the others for particular aromatherapy properties: some essences spread in the environment can have a calming and relaxing effect, and are therefore ideal for promoting rest and relaxation; others, on the contrary, have energizing and revitalizing properties and can help concentration. 

For this reason, before choosing a fragrance, in addition to personal tastes it is important to also consider the room in which the room perfumer will be placed:

  • for the bedroom better to opt for light and delicate scents, which encourage rest. The Capri room diffuser, with its fresh fragrance and citrus notes of lemon is perfect to create a relaxing atmosphere in the sleeping area;
  • for the living area you can choose fragrances with floral or woody notes, but also spicy ones, with patchouli, vanilla, anise or sweet woods. The diffuser Venezia contains a charming fragrance, ideal to make the entrance, the living room or the dining room more welcoming; 
  • for the kitchen are indicated delicate fragrances, fresh and purifying, which perfectly cover the smells, such as bergamot and tangerine of the Portofino room diffuser, also ideal to give an energizing touch to the environment. Also perfect is the Taormina diffuser, which contains a fruity and flowery fragrance reminiscent of the scent of citrus groves in bloom; 
  • for the bathroom you can instead prefer marine or balsamic scents, such as white musk, but citrus to create a relaxing and energizing atmosphere. With its warm and welcoming blend and head notes formed by storace wood, lemon and bergamot, the Ostuni diffuser is the ideal choice for the bathroom, to promote relaxation and create a pleasant feeling of well-being. 

A fragrance for each season

Another important aspect to consider when choosing fragrances for your home is the time of year. In general, in spring and summer it is better to avoid too intense fragrances, which could be annoying, and prefer fresher, lighter and citrus essences, but also fruity and floral bouquets. For the colder months of the year you can instead focus on more full-bodied, warm and intense scents, with woody or musky notes, reminiscent of the typical scents of autumn and winter. Even the citrus fragrances, with orange and bergamot, combined with spicy notes such as cinnamon, are perfect for warming up and making environments more welcoming in winter. 

Now that you have discovered how to choose the most suitable fragrances for you and for your home, you just have to choose the perfumers you prefer and that best reflect your tastes. Profumotti  proposes diffusers for environments with unique and unmistakable fragrances, made with high quality materials Made in Italy and designed to ensure an optimal and lasting fragrance in any environment. Discover all the fragrances available to make your home really special! 

If you need more information or more tips to find the perfect fragrances for you, contact us

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