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Home diffusers with an unmistakable design

Home diffusers

Discover the home diffusers for different environments! Profumotti® home diffusers have a unique and inimitable design, which makes them immediately recognizable. Light, attractive and fragrant, they are handcrafted one by one by highly specialized craftsmen who take care of each of their creations with passion. Only in this way can they offer exceptional 100% Made in Italy products. Ideal for giving a fantastic fragrance to any environment, the home diffusers then remain to personalize the furniture with their nice and captivating design. They are available in various versions, from maxi to regular to scented keychain. Find the one that's right for you!

Home fragrances: the perfect solution to perfume and decorate your home

Home fragrances are the perfect way to add the right amount of elegance and fragrance to your home, office or any other environment. Whether you are looking for something delicate and sophisticated or a more intense and daring fragrance, with the Profumotti® home fragrances you can choose the best solution for every room. Discover all the home fragrances: Profumotti® are available in many sizes, subjects and colors, perfect to create a cozy atmosphere or just to add a touch of class to your home!


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To protect the health of those who prepare orders and those who make deliveries, we have decided to place a minimum order of € 14, excluding shipping.