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Christmas diffusers to create a perfect Christmas atmosphere in your home

Christmas diffusers

The Christmas diffusers are the perfect choice if you are looking for unique and unmistakable Christmas decorations. Profumotti® Christmas diffusers are in fact nice and tender fabric perfumers, perfect also as a design object or as decorations for the Christmas period. Thanks to them you can give a further touch of color and perfume to your home, making the Christmas spirit even more heated.

Christmas tree diffusers: fun and fragrant decorations for your home

Made of 100% Italian wool, the Christmas tree diffusers by Profumotti® are the ideal way to decorate the Christmas tree, but not only: hang them on the windows, or on the balcony, and generally use them to furnish your home at this particular time of year. Thanks to their durable cord, or clip, they can be hung in any environment. Find the Christmas tree diffuser that suits you, in line with your favorite color decorations. Choose from the beautiful models in the shape of Santa Claus, reindeer, snowflake, angel, comet and set up your tree with a touch of fragrant, unique and immediately recognizable design!


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To protect the health of those who prepare orders and those who make deliveries, we have decided to place a minimum order of € 14, excluding shipping.