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Wool diffusers with special shapes

Wool diffusers

If you can't find a perfumer that meets your needs in the dedicated sections, and you want to travel even more with your imagination, choose one of our wool diffusers, made with 100% Italian wool. Angels, sailboats and elegant pictures are designed to brighten and perfume your days. Here you will find wool diffusers for environments with unique shapes, of different colors, embellished by the scent of various fragrances. All wool diffusers are designed and handmade in Italy by expert craftsmen who use only quality and eco-sustainable raw materials. If you arrived here without a precise idea, let yourself be inspired by the special shapes of the Profumotti®, and find the one that's right for you!

Wool diffusers: choose the fragrance you prefer!

The wool diffusers with special shapes enclose combinations of unique fragrances, designed to scent different environments and convey a feeling of pleasant well-being. Depending on the season you can choose fragrances with fruity or flowery notes, fresh and light for the summer, or more intense and enveloping scents, with spicy or musky notes, perfect for autumn and winter season. Let yourself be conquered by the unmistakable scent of our wool diffusers with special shapes and choose the perfect fragrance for you!


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