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Panda eco diffuser Cedar & Vanilla

Eco Profumotti®


This animal shaped diffuser is made of  fine woolen fabric 100% Italian, the realization of this Panda Profumotto white and black Profumotto is the result of the union between the design project and the craft production of the tailoring workshop that produce by hand both the prototypes and the completely italian production. For this reason it's protected from counterfeiting, thanks to the registration of the trademark and design to guarantee their authenticity. Inside the Heart there are minced cereals, a 100% natural product that gradually releases the fragrance, ensuring that the product is not dangerous for health.
In fact, our Panda does not require any warning symbols.
It is equipped with a cotton ribbon to easily hanging it in the car, in closets or to your bag. Upon request it can be produced in other colors, fragrances.

CEDAR AND VANILLA: a really tonic fragrance, that have next to the sweet touch of VANILLA, the unmistakable aroma of Cedar Wood, that arouses a feeling of comfort, relax and a sense of physical satisfaction.

Citron & Vanilla
Let yourself be seduced by this citrus and at the meantime sweet fragrance. Excellent for recreate an vigorous and nice mood.

Regular: 8 x 9 cm


  • Handmade
  • With cord
    With cord

This product is not available. If you want more information send us your request! Information request

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