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Clean and fragrant air in your wardrobe

Wardrobe perfumers

Scent diffusers in wardrobes for the whole family

Scenting wardrobes is an important task, as they have to suit everyone's tastes and, above all, to leave your clothes with a fresh, clean feeling that stays with you throughout the day. Eurotessuti makes Profumotti and imbues them with delicate, distinctive fragrances - lightly scenting clothes, and suitable for the whole family. For example:

  • Women love sweet, floral fragrances such as cotton flower or almond and jasmine, which can be found in the heart with star, maxi daisy, or angel diffusers.
  • Men prefer fresh, youthful fragrances such as cedar & lime or passionfruit and pomegranate, which are available in the boat, dog or bat perfumers, specially designed for a man's wardrobe.
  • To scent the wardrobes of younger children, the entire animal collection is particularly suitable, with fun and friendly diffusers in the shape of animals such as parrots, owls, or cats, suitable for girls and boys.

Where should you place Profumotti in a wardrobe?

Eurotessuti creates Profumotti with either a cord or a clip. These two types of holder enable you to position your diffusers in different ways:

  • simply placed inside the wardrobe
  • tied around the clothes rails
  • clipped into place.

As well as choosing the type of holder, you also have the option of choosing the most suitable size from mini, regular, or maxi. Do you live far from Italy? Don't worry! Eurotessuti also sells Profumotti® abroad and on the international market, so you can always have your favourite fabric fragrance available.

More information

For more information on the world of Profumotti, please fill in the form on the contact section of the website.

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