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Car fragrance diffusers

Eurotessuti is a leading Italian company in the soft furnishing fabrics sector. Thanks to the experience and know-how accumulated in this area, we have developed unique, hand-crafted and highly successful scent diffusers for cars. Profumotti®, in fact, are high-quality fabric diffusers for spaces available in many different versions, all entirely Made in Italy. They're the perfect way to perfume your car and take you on a fragrant journey!

Perfumers for your car

Once the smell of a new car has worn off - which so many people appreciate - the car starts to absorb all sorts of different smells, and not always pleasant ones. That's why many people are looking for a practical and pleasant way to add fragrance to their car and make driving more carefree and enjoyable. Profumotti® are designed to give the space the fragrance of your choice, in a gradual but lasting way. Their high-quality craftsmanship means the fragrance is diffused constantly over a long time. The perfumers are also imaginative and colourful, available in a range of shapes and colours, including:

  • Animals, from bees to dogs, butterflies to ladybirds, and many other cute, colourful shapes;
  • Shapes drawn from flowers and nature;
  • The new Eco Profumotti®, made from recycled and eco-friendly materials, in many different shapes and colours.

All Profumotti® are available in Mini formats, perfect for carrying with you, in the car or anywhere else, as a fun, fragrant accessory. Do you live outside Italy? No problem! Profumotti® also sells these fabric perfumers abroad on the international market.

How do you put them in the car?

All Profumotti® have unique, imaginative designs, but are also extremely practical and functional. They are made with a clip or cord, so they can be conveniently placed wherever you like. For example:

  • Clip: Using the clip, you can place the diffuser on the air conditioning vents, so that the frgrance spreads constantly throughout the car.
  • Cord: easy to hang on the rearview mirror or a seat headrest
  • Simply place on the dashboard or in the glove compartment
  • Hang as a keyring from the car keys.

More information about car diffusers

Need more infromation about scent diffusers for cars? Please don't hesitate to send us your question and requests using the form in the contact section. Our staff will respond as fully and promptly as possible.

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