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Original ideas for corporate gifts

Gadgets for corporate gifts

Why choose Profumotti® as a corporate gift?

Practical and easy to use, these fabric diffusers can be used in many different ways: to scent drawers, decorate desks as small design objects, as keyrings or accessories for bags and rucksacks. In short, Profumotti® are so versatile that they are the perfect accessories for corporate gifts because they adapt perfectly to everyone's needs.

Original, high-quality solutions

Eurotessuti offers a wide variety of options. Its products range from more traditional animal and flower shapes to more specific ones such as hearts and angels. But if you have to organise corporate gifts for the Christmas holidays, you can also choose from a wide variety of options suitable for Christmas: little fir trees, edelweiss, snowflakes, reindeer, guiding stars and much more. 


It's also possible to create customised Profumotti, in case you want to give your employees a gift that reminds them of their company.


Do you live abroad, or does your company also have offices outside Italy? No problem! Profumotti® are also sold abroad and on the international market, so you always have access to successful corporate gifts and accessories.

For more information on Eurotessuti's Profumotti®

If you like the idea of using perfumers as corporate gifts and would like more information, just visit the contact section and complete the form with all the questions you need. Our staff will reply as soon as possible, providing you with all the information you need.

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