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Clean and fragrant air in every room

Fabric home diffusers

Eurotessuti Profumotti® for the home: all the benefits

Open the door to your home and immediately breathe in the fresh, clean smell - a priceless feeling! However, it's important that not only the rooms are scented, but also cupboards, drawers, and shoe racks. Profumotti® are the perfect fabric diffusers for the home: made in a range of sizes - Mini, Regular, and Maxi - so you can keep any size of room smelling fresh, without marking or damaging any of the surfaces they come into contact with. They can be placed on a shelf, hung inside a door, or simply hidden in the darkest corner of a drawer, but one thing is for sure: the fragrance they emit will let you know there are Profumotti® in the house.

Choosing the right fragrances for every room

Eurotessuti enables you to choose fabric perfumers for the home not only by size, but also by shape and fragrance. You can opt for a traditional animal or flower design, or go for special shapes made from wool. If you want something extra-special, EcoProfumotti are made from recycled materials with zero environmental impact. As for the fragrances, they range from traditional patchouli and lavender to more sophisticated oriental woods and cirmolo wood, alongside special combinations such as cedar & lime or mint & chamomile.


And even if you live outside Italy, don't worry! Eurotessuti also sells Profumotti® abroad and on the international market, wherever you are.

More information about home diffusers

If you have questions or requests relating to Eurotessuti's home diffusers, just contact the company through the contact form. Our staff will reply as soon as possible.

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To protect the health of those who prepare orders and those who make deliveries, we have decided to place a minimum order of € 14, excluding shipping.