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Made-to-measure room diffusers

Customised fabric diffusers

Why choose personalised Profumotti®?

Customising Profumotti® means adapting them to your needs, whatever they may be. For example, you can use the personalised home diffusers as favours for your wedding or your child's christening. Or you can choose to personalise the scent diffusers to perfectly match your home décor, turning them into a fun design accessory. The options are many and varied, but, importantly, Eurotessuti enables you to customise your Profumotti® to suit your taste. 

Are you abroad? No problem! Profumotti® are also sold on the international market, so you can always have your own scented diffuser, wherever you are.

Profumotti® made-to-measure for you

Although Eurotessuti offers a wide catalogue of scented diffusers of all shapes and sizes, it also guarantees you the ability to opt for customised Profumotti, choosing your preferred shape and printing the subject you like best on the diffuser fabric. 

This is a perfect solution if you want to use these perfumers on special occasions, as an original gift, or if you want to furnish your home with a unique object of its kind. There is a wide choice of fragrances: cedar & vanilla, cotton flower, lavender, magnolia, almond & jasmine, mint & chamomile, and many more.

More information about personalised Profumotti®

If you would like information about personalising perfumers or need a quote, please visit the contact section of the website, where you will find the right form to fill in.

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To protect the health of those who prepare orders and those who make deliveries, we have decided to place a minimum order of € 14, excluding shipping.