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Air fresheners with a unique design

Lavender closet diffusers

Are you looking for lavender diffusers for your closet to have your clothes always fresh and fragrant? Colourful and sweet-smelling, Profumotti are fabric diffusers for wardrobes with a unique and unmistakable style, entirely handmade by specialized artisans to give your clothes a pleasant and lasting fragrance. Inserted in the drawers or between the garments of your wardrobe, Profumotti gradually release a delicate and persistent scent. Available in a wide range of sizes and fragrances, they are perfect to give a touch of color and creativity to your wardrobes and any type of environment to always surround yourself with your favorite perfume.

Why choose a lavender diffuser for your closet?

Lavender is one of the most used plants in Mediterranean culture for the realization of essences and aromas. Used in the past to perfume brides' outfits, the aroma of lavender has always been associated with the freshness and whiteness of clean laundry. Its floral, sweet and intense fragrance makes it perfect for deodorizing clothes, fabrics and wardrobes and to give every room a pleasant feeling of freshness. Lavender has several aromatherapy properties: in addition to having a relaxing and calming effect, which helps sleep and rest, it also has a revitalizing and energizing action.

Choose the fresh fragrance of lavender Profumotti for your closet

The lavender diffusers by Eurotessuti are available in many shapes, colors and sizes to meet every need and adapt to different tastes and styles. You can choose perfumers in a Maxi format, perfect for scenting large environments or for more spacious dressing rooms, or in regular and mini format, ideal for smaller spaces, to be inserted in drawers or to hang inside wardrobes thanks to the practical cord. Among the many proposals of lavender fabric perfumers you can find: 

  • heart diffusers, in perfect shabby chic style, in mini or maxi format, to decorate your wardrobes with a romantic touch and give a fresh scent to your clothes
  • animals diffusers, such as the owl diffuser lavender,  also ideal to brighten up the children’s bedroom closet
  • diffusers of the collection flowers and nature, such as the iconic daisies, available in different colors, which can be placed inside closets or drawers

Do you need more information?

If you want more information about the lavender diffusers for closets by Eurotessuti, contact us through the form in the contact section. We will answer you as soon as possible!

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