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Wardrobes diffusers with fresh and unique citrus fragrances

Citrus fruits closet diffusers

Are you looking for a citrus diffuser for your closet to give your clothes a unique fragrance? Profumotti by Eurotessuti are the right products for you! Colorful, original and fragrant, they are made entirely by hand by skilled artisans and are designed to furnish with style and elegance any wardrobe, spreading an intense and lasting fragrance. Thanks to Profumotti you can always surround yourself with your favorite perfume and have fresh and sweet-smelling garments, even several weeks after washing. Available in several sizes, colors and models, they are perfect to hang in the closet or to insert in the drawers. Choose your favorite diffuser to give a touch of color and joy to your wardrobe!

Why choose a citrus fruits diffuser for your closet?

Characterized by sweet and sparkling notes, citrus scents have always been synonymous with energy and vitality. The essential oils of citrus fruits have relaxing properties, refreshing and regenerating and are able to convey a pleasant feeling of calm and serenity. The citrus fragrances are very pleasant in all rooms of the house, not only in the living area, but also to create a relaxing atmosphere in the sleeping area. Every citrus essence has a well-defined personality: citrus fruits such as lemon and grapefruit have a more acidic note, particularly fresh, stimulating and euphoric, excellent for relieving stress; orange and tangerine have a sweet vein, that helps to relax mind and body to start the day with the right energy charge; lime and exotic citrus, with more intense and sophisticated notes, are perfect in summer, even combined with spicy hints.

Discover all the proposals of citrus Profumotti for your closet

Eurotessuti citrus diffusers are available in many colors, shapes, sizes and different combinations of fragrances to suit any need: Profumotti in mini and regular format are suitable to be inserted in the drawers or hung on clothes hangers thanks to the special cord, while the Profumotti in a maxi size are perfect to scent the walk-in closet or more spacious environments. Within the various citrus diffusers you can find:


  • orange and blueberry Profumotti, like the elegant butterfly diffuser in wool, in bright orange and yellow fluo, which combines the sweet notes of blueberry juice to the energizing charge of the orange perfume
  • citron & lime Profumotti, such as the four-leaf clover scenter with a red ladybug, perfect to hang in the wardrobe or to be used as a nice good luck charm
  • citron & vanilla Profumotti, like the fragrance-shaped daisy eco-diffuser with yellow petals, which contains a  tonic, relaxing and unique fragrance

Do you need more information?

If you want more information about the citrus fruit diffusers for closets by Eurotessuti, contact us through the form in the contact section. We will answer you as soon as possible!

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