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Lavender diffusers with a fresh and enveloping scent

Lavender laundry diffusers

Are you looking for lavender laundry diffusers to give your wardrobe a fresh and long-lasting scent? Eurotessuti home diffusers are the ideal products to give the fabrics intense and unmistakable fragrances and to have a laundry always soft and fragrant. Made entirely by hand in Italy with high quality fabrics and materials and attention to detail, they are designed to perfume and give a touch of joy and color to environments, wardrobes, dressers and walk-in closets. The lavender perfumes of Eurotessuti contain a fresh and delicate fragrance, perfect to prolong the feeling of cleanness and give your clothes a pleasant feeling of freshness.

Which lavender diffusers are ideal for your laundry? 

Eurotessuti offers lavender diffusers in different colors, shapes and sizes, to meet the needs of the whole family:

Lavender Profumotti in different formats

Lavender laundry diffusers spread the fragrance in a gradual but intense and long-lasting way. Depending on the format chosen, they can adapt to different types of furniture and environments. In the catalogue you can find Profumotti in:

  • Mini format, perfect to be hung inside the wardrobes thanks to the practical cord, or directly to the hangers and clothes with the appropriate clip
  • Regular format to be placed in the wardrobe or to be inserted in drawers
  • Maxi format, ideal to perfume walk-in closets and spacious pieces of furniture

Would you like more information?

If you need more information or if you have questions about Eurotessuti lavender laundry perfumers, please fill out the form in the contact section. We will respond to all your requests as soon as possible!

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