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Citrus diffusers for a long-lasting scented laundry

Citrus fruits laundry diffusers

Are you looking for citrus diffusers to have a laundry always fresh and fragrant? Handmade in Italy by specialized artisans, Profumotti by Eurotessuti contain unique and exclusive fragrances, designed to give your clothes an intense and long-lasting fragrance. Functional, versatile and refined, Eurotessuti diffusers are perfect to insert in drawers or wardrobes to perfume different types of washable fabrics, such as clothes, household linen, sheets, towels and bathrobes. They are available in different versions, from maxi to mini, to meet any type of need and give an unmistakable fragrance to any environment.

Why choose citrus diffusers for your laundry?

Energizing and vital, citrus scents have relaxing and refreshing properties and stimulate good mood daily. Particularly fresh and sparkling, they are usually associated with summer, but can be used in all seasons to perfume the rooms and give a pleasant feeling of freshness to the garments stored in the closet. If you prefer sweet scents, you can choose orange or tangerine laundry diffusers; if you prefer fragrances with more acidic notes, you can opt for fragrances with lemon, grapefruit or citron.

Profumotti citrus diffusers

Profumotti are available in different sizes, colors, models and with various citrus fragrances, delicate but intended to last a long time. The Profumotti in mini and regular format are perfect to be inserted in the drawers or hung inside the wardrobes thanks to the cord or the convenient clip, while the Profumotti maxi size are ideal for perfumed walk-in closets. Among the various citrus diffusers you can find:

  • orange and blueberry diffusers, like the cute dachshund diffuser that combines the sweet notes of blueberry juice to the energizing charge of orange scent
  • citron and lime diffusers, like the ladybug-shaped diffuser with bright colors, yellow and black, and delicate fragrance, ideal to hang in the closet or to always carry with you as a lucky charm
  • citron and vanilla diffusers, like flower diffusers and the cactus-shaped fragrance that contains a tonic, relaxing and unmistakable fragrance. 

Would you like more information?

If you need more information or if you have questions about Eurotessuti citrus fruits laundry perfumers, please fill out the form in the contact section. We will respond to all your requests as soon as possible!

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