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How to use home fragrances to perfume your home with a pleasant smell

How to use home fragrances

Home fragrances are the ideal solution to spread a fragrance in an intense and long-lasting way and create a pleasant atmosphere. They can be used to perfume the house, the office or any other interior space. You can find room fragrances in different sizes and with many combinations of fragrances. To give your rooms an optimal fragrance, you will need to choose the ones that best suit the spaces in which you intend to use them and place them in the right places to allow a homogeneous diffusion of the fragrance. 

Here are some useful tips to use the perfumers for the environment and to better perfume your home and your environments.  

Home fragrances: how to choose the best ones

Choosing the right home fragrance for your needs may not be so easy, especially if you don’t have a clear idea in your mind. In order not to go wrong and find the perfect home fragrance for your environment you will need to consider:

  • the size, depending on the space in which you would like to place it. A small size diffuser in a large room would not ensure optimal fragrance diffusion and would not be enough to perfume the entire environment. On the contrary, a too large diffuser in a small room could make the scent too intense or annoying. To ensure a homogeneous release in large environments you can place two or more perfumers in different places of the room;
  • the environment in which you would like to place it: some fragrances are more suitable for certain environments or rooms of the house. For work environments or offices, for example, better to choose traditional fragrances and not too intense, which convey a feeling of well-being and tranquility. For your home you can choose fragrances with warm, enveloping and energizing notes for the living area and more relaxing and delicate fragrances for the night area;
  • the season: is another important factor to take into account when choosing the fragrance of a room scent. The intense and enveloping scents, such as vanilla, or spicy or oriental notes, are more suitable for winter or autumn and could be annoying in summer. With the arrival of heat better prefer lighter, fresh and delicate fragrances, such as those to the citrus of the perfumer Taormina environments, or perfumes with floral or fruity notes;
  • colors and aesthetics: in general, try to choose good quality products, studied both from the point of view of design and fragrances, and that match well with the colors of the walls and furniture of the room in which you would like to place the perfumer. 

Home reed diffusers: how to use them

Using a home reed diffuser is very simple: you just have to insert the sticks into the bottle and wait for them to begin to spread the scent in the environment. To renew the fragrance and ensure a more or less intense and lasting fragrance, flip the sticks at least twice a week. In this way the part of the sticks exposed to the air will always remain impregnated with perfume and the fragrance will be released in a constant and homogeneous way. In general, it is better to flip the sticks away from fabrics or other materials that could stain or damage in contact with the substances contained in the fragrance, in case a few drops or a small part of liquid leaked during this operation. 

In the long run, the wands of the home reed diffuser may become saturated and no longer be able to release the fragrance: in this case, even if you decide to choose the same fragrance, you will have to replace them. 

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