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Solutions to perfume laundry and keep your clothes smelling longer

Solutions to perfume your laundry

Getting a clean and fragrant laundry is not always easy. Even after a thorough washing it can happen that the garments are not perfectly deodorized. This can be due to several factors, such as unsuitable detergent or inaccurate cleaning of the washing machine basket, but also to wrong washing and drying methods. Would you like to give your wardrobe a pleasant smell of clean? Here are some simple solutions to perfume your laundry and keep your clothes smelling longer. 


How to perfume your laundry: 5 useful tips

To perfume your laundry and keep a pleasant smell of clean on clothes and linen for a long time, you will need to make sure, first of all, to choose suitable and good quality detergents and products. Sometimes to have a perfectly scented laundry just change detergent. To give your clothes a fresh smell of cleanness you can try to add to the detergent that you usually use liquid Marseille soap, which is made with natural products and suitable for even the most delicate skin. In addition to paying attention to the detergent and the type of washing, to perfume the laundry you can follow these five tips:

  • wash wet garments as soon as possible and pretreat them if they are very dirty: wet garments, infact, left in contact with other garments or piled up in the laundry basket, may produce bad smells. Always better to wash them immediately, if possible, or let them dry in the air before putting them between the laundry to be washed. Similarly, if the garments are very dirty or stained, you can pretreat them with water and baking soda and then wash them in the washing machine adding white vinegar. In this way your laundry will always be scented and you will avoid the formation of mold or traces of moisture;

  • use a small amount of detergent and prefer natural softeners: in general, it is better not to exaggerate with the amount of liquid detergent because any residues could promote the formation of odors. Even the use of natural products, such as Marseille soap, can be useful to give your laundry a lasting fragrance;

  • wash the washing machine basket regularly: to do this, you can fill the basket with hot water, add some white vinegar and leave for about half an hour. At this point you can start a washing cycle. Also remember to leave the washing machine door open after each washing cycle so as to ventilate the basket and avoid the formation of mold and bad odors; 

  • dry your laundry in the open air and in sunlight, if possible, instead of using the dryer. If you don’t have a suitable space to dry your laundry outdoors, you can use a dryer scenter; 

  • use perfumers for cabinets and drawers: once the linen has dried, fold it carefully and store it in a place that is as fresh, airy and dry as possible. You can also use special perfumers for cabinets and drawers in your wardrobe clothes, hanging them on hangers in the closet or inserting them between one garment and another. 

Laundry perfumers: how to choose them?

Laundry perfumers are the ideal solution to give a pleasant scent of clean to your clothes. You can find many combinations of fragrances available, so it is important to choose the one that best suits your preferences and tastes. Depending on the season and your needs, you can choose, for example, a fragrance with floral, fruity or citrus notes, perfect for the summer, or spicy or musky notes, more suitable for the autumn and winter season. In addition to the fragrance, you will also need to carefully consider the choice of the format: the smallest laundry perfumers, such as Profumotti® mini size (equipped with a comfortable cord or a practical clip), are ideal to hang in closets and wardrobes or to be placed in drawers to give your clothes a lasting fragrance. Laundry perfumers in maxi format are more suitable for large walk-in closets, or to be placed on shelves for a pleasant and more intense fragrance. 

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