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Natural ways to make your home smell amazing: ideas and tips to create the perfect atmosphere

Natural ways to make your home smell amazing

A perfume is able to recall memories, arouse emotions and sensations and can even affect the mood. Perfumeing the house is therefore very important to make it more cozy and create a pleasant atmosphere, for you and your guests. To do this, you can use natural methods, such as essential oils, fresh flowers or potpourri, but the easiest and most practical way to give your home an intense and lasting fragrance is to use natural home fragrances made with natural components. It is better to avoid the classic electric perfumers or sprays because they often contain chemical ingredients that could cause respiratory allergies and skin problems. 

If you are wondering how to make your home smell amazing in a natural way, here are some useful hints and tips to give your rooms an unmistakable fragrance and create the perfect atmosphere. 

How to make your home smell amazing: the most effective methods

Depending on your needs and the characteristics of your environments you can use different methods to make your home smell amazing. Essential oils can be a great way to perfume the different rooms of the house: you can spread them in the environment using a special diffuser, or add them to the water of the sink or bathtub to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Some of the most used essences to perfume the house are lavender, tea tree, orange, geranium and mint. 

Fresh flowers are another natural way to perfume the house. You can arrange them in different vases in each room or use them to make bouquets to hang on the ceiling or near the windows. The ideal flowers to perfume the house are definitely lavender, jasmine, rose and lily. Aromatic herbs such as mint, thyme, basil and sage can also be used to perfume the kitchen or the different rooms of the house. You can grow them in pots, on the balcony or in the garden and use them to make scented bags to hang on cabinets or drawers.

Natural home fragrances: the perfect solution to perfume your home

Natural home fragrances are a sustainable choice for your home because they are composed of natural ingredients and do not contain harmful chemicals. Depending on your needs you can choose different types of natural environment perfumers: diffusers with sticks, refined and elegant, also perfect as ornaments, to furnish your home with a touch of class, or fabric perfumers, such as Eurotessuti’s Profumotti®, funny and cheerful, ideal to be hanged on doors, windows or cabinets. Eco Profumotti®, in particular, are made entirely by hand with sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, such as the ecological fabric Ariel Recycled, produced with polyester made from plastic bottles recovered from the oceans.


Natural home fragrances are available in different sizes and can be used to perfume any environment: the smaller perfumers are ideal for small rooms, corridors, cabinets and chests of drawers, while the maxi perfumers are perfect for large rooms, open spaces and more spacious walk-in closets. Some of the most common essences are lavender, citrus, mint and green tea, but you can choose many combinations of fragrances!

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