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Where to place home fragrances to obtain an optimal and lasting fragrance

Where to place home fragrances

Practical, comfortable and versatile, home fragrances can be used to spread a pleasant fragrance in the home, in the office or in any other space. You can place them wherever you want, depending on your tastes, the characteristics of your home and the fragrance you want to spread. To ensure a homogeneous and lasting fragrance, however, you will have to follow some precautions, using the perfumers for environments correctly and placing them in the right places, also depending on the size of the space in which you would like to spread the fragrance. 

If you have bought, or are going to buy, home fragrances and you are wondering where to place them, here are some tips not to go wrong and spread the fragrance in the environment. 


Home fragrances: how to choose the ideal size?

To ensure a homogeneous and lasting diffusion of the perfume in the environment, you will need to pay attention, first of all, to the choice of the format. Small sized perfumers placed in open space or large rooms would not be able to spread the fragrance over the entire surface. On the contrary, too large perfumers placed in small rooms would make the scent too intense and even annoying.

Obviously, the size also affects the duration of the perfumer: the 200 ml perfumers will surely have a shorter duration than the 500 ml ones, which have a greater volume containment.

In general, 250 ml room perfumers are ideal for small rooms, such as bathrooms, walk-in closets or corridors, while the 500 ml rooms are perfect for larger rooms, such as the living room, the bedrooms or the living room. In open spaces, salons or particularly spacious professional environments you can also place more perfumers on opposite sides of the room or in different points to get a more intense fragrance.  

Where to place home fragrances

Home fragrances can be elegant and refined furnishing elements, ideal not only to perfume but also to give a personal touch to the different rooms of the house or to professional environments. To ensure a longer life and optimal diffusion of the fragrance you will need to pay attention to place them in the right places. In principle, the room scents should not be placed below the meter of height or more nose height because, in this case, the fragrance will tend to rise upwards and will be perceived in a less intense way. 

The type of surface on which you decide to place them can also affect the diffusion and duration of the fragrance. In general, it is better to avoid shelves, bookcases or built-in walls that could hinder evaporation and the spread of fragrance, and instead prefer coffee tables, chests of drawers or low furniture. 

How to make home fragrances last longer

In addition to the size, there are other factors that affect the durability of home fragrances. To make the fragrance last longer you will need to have some small precautions and comply with some simple rules. First of all, avoid placing the room perfumers in places that are excessively hot or close to direct heat sources, such as fireplaces or radiators, because they could make the fragrance evaporate faster. The presence of drafts or air conditioners can also affect the duration of a perfumer and the intensity of the fragrance. Then pay attention to the frequency with which you flip the sticks: better not to do this too often, maximum twice a week. 

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