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Delicate essences to perfume your home

The best room fragrances

The room diffuser gradually releases its fragrance, filling the space with pleasant and positive sensations. However, choosing the right perfume to perfume your home isn't always easy. 

When it comes to scenting your home, there are several options to choose from. You can go the natural route and use essential oils, or you can opt for a scented candle or diffuser.

Which fragrances to choose for each corner of the house

Among the most popular aromas for home are lavender, jasmine, vanilla, musk, sandalwood, cedarwood, rose, cinnamon, orange, mint, and lemon.

Home fragrance essences can be used in room diffusers, nebulizers, candles, fabric sprays, and scented sachets. Room diffusers are among the most popular ways to spread the aromas of scented essences in the home.

The best room fragrances

Choosing the best room fragrance depends on several factors, including the size of the room, the type of perfume you want to diffuse, and the frequency with which you want to perfume the room.


Some home fragrances are designed to spread the scent continuously, while others are designed to spread the scent only when they are turned on or sprayed. Profumotti room diffusers are designed to diffuse the perfume gradually, once the bottle is opened just insert the sticks, turning them periodically will renew the fragrance.

A fragrance for every room in the house

In the kitchen, there are many different aromas that can be used to create different environments. For example, using a citrus scent can create a refreshing and uplifting atmosphere, while a more earthy scent can create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.


In the living room, different aromas can be used to create different moods. For example, a floral scent can create a relaxing feeling, while a more spicy scent can be energizing.


In the bedroom, you can use different scents to create an even more peaceful and relaxing environment. For example, a lavender scent can create a feeling of tranquility and relaxation.


In the bathroom, for example, a mint scent creates a sensation of freshness and cleanliness, while a more floral scent can create a welcoming feeling.


Eurotessuti offers a wide collection of air fresheners for environments in fabric and diffusers for different types of environments. The speakers are made with only the best materials and the design is studied by our team of experts to be the most innovative and elegant.

Thanks to the continuous evolution and research of trends, Profumotti is able to offer always fashionable diffusers, which are distinguished by multiple characteristics. Many different shapes to choose from, fun and captivating, from animals to the most romantic ones, up to room fragrances linked to nature.

The main feature of Profumotti diffusers is the variety of fragrances offered, from the freshest and summery to the warmest and most comforting ones. There are many variants available such as Lavender, Green Tea, Magnolia, Cotton Blossom, and Orange & Cranberry, among others.

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