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Maxi Heart diffuser Mint & Chamomile



Profumotti become Shabby chic! Eurotessuti designed a line of house and car freshener dedicated to those who have a romantic soul. An azure heart with a smaller white heart beating within, and another red one into it. Hand made in our sartorial atelier, from prototype to production. Being an italian high quality product, it is protected from counterfeiting, thanks to the registered trademark and design that guarantee their authenticity.

MINT AND CHAMOMILE: Citrus and mint essence that has the power to enhance vitality and can have an energizing fresh effect.


Mint & chamomile
The gentle chamomile fragrance plus the vibrant mint are able to create a pleasant and fresh feeling, great for reducing stress.

Maxi: 17 x 13 cm

  • Handmade
  • With cord
    With cord

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