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All services offered by Profumotti®

Services and supply

Eurotessuti offers a complete range of services to be sure to satisfy its customers in the best possible way. The company follows the production and marketing of Profumotti® at all times, in order to offer a guaranteed and controlled product of the best quality. From design, to the production of perfumers, handcrafted and 100% Made in Italy, to distribution, safe and guaranteed.

But Eurotessuti also offers an additional service, to let its customers have exactly the product they want, tailor-made for them: the customization service. These services are aimed at all types of customers, whether they are private individuals or gift shops, home furnishings or any other type. With the advantage of finding them all in a single company and on a single site.

Eurotessuti also offers its products and services to traders, distributors and various types of businesses: from gadget and gift shops to wedding favors, from car accessories shops to home furnishings, and many more. Precisely for this reason, we offer a complete range of services, which help those who manage these activities to always offer the right product to the right person, without ever being left out of stock or being found unprepared.

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