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We produce diffuser with a unique and unmistakable style


Profumotti™ is a brand owned by Eurotessuti, a family run business, founded in 1998 in Viadana (Mn) with an extensive experience in upholstery fabrics. Initially it specialized in trading homewear fabrics, but during its history, the company implemented and ventured into new sectors. In 2001 it broadened its horizons by opening a car wash department, that speciliazes in production and distribution of functional and high quality brushes for carwash.

Eurotessuti is considered one of leaders in the upholstery fabrics market in Italy and Europe. In order to satisfy the clients’ specific needs, on top of working with prime high quality raw materials, they can provide a wide range of textures and colors: from the most classic and elegant to the trendiest and boldest looks. The taste is, however, typically Italian inspired with a hint of Europe in it, which allows them to supply some of the biggest European productive units.



After consolidating its position in the upholstery fabric business, Eurotessuti began to look for something new to launch on the market. Something that enbodies style and taste, hand-made, at the same time uselful and elegantly decorative, but also a bit cheeky. A product that could give you a sensorial experience, scented, pleasant to look at and to touch.

By combining fabrics and frangrances something quite innovative, versatile and endearing came out, that is Profumotti. From that moment on, Eurotessuti considers itself also a producer of home frangrance diffusers with a unique and unmistakable style. With the first model “The daisy”, to this point the best seller of the line Profumotti, Eurotessuti goes to market with its more and more fine, functional, attractive and, occasionally fun and cheeky products.

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To protect the health of those who prepare orders and those who make deliveries, we have decided to place a minimum order of € 14, excluding shipping.