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Products respecting nature

Profumotti™ and the environment

Eurotessuti always considered environmental sustainability one of its values and believes that all companies should commit to produce their goods with the minimal environmental impact possible. Only this way it would be conceivable to improve the present situation and ensure a less polluted and more sustainable future for generations to come. For this exact reason, Eurotessuti commits to choose sustainable materials and sustainable production processes in order to make diffusers that respect the environment in each and every components and for all their “life”.

  • The focus on the environmental protection is involved in all the aspects of this product: 
  • For the catalogues the company uses a FSC certified paper, that certifies that its origins are managed in a sustainable and responsible way; 
  • The protection bags, that guarantees the integrity of the fragrance, can be reused through an accurate recycling of the plastic; 
  • The display stands are made of recylable carton, as well as the whole packaging material; 
  • The fragrances don't contain any kind of polluting chemical also. 

For this reason, Profumotti™ can’t be solely considered disposable home fragrance diffusers, but real decorative design objects to be used in different places (from the house to the car, to the accessories), even once their fragrance runs out.

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