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Perfumers for ideal environments for those who offer services for cars

Petrol stations and car washes

Which Profumotti™ to choose?

If you want to offer to your customers the opportunity to embellish and perfume their car with a refined design object, Eurotessuti offers you a large number of diffusers suitable for petrol stations and car washes. Profumotti™ can also be customized according to your needs: choose from the many different colors, sizes and fragrances available. You can also choose from many shapes : hearts, letters, animals, flowers, specials for Christmas and much more. The Regular size and the perfumed key rings are particularly suitable for making every trip unique. Discover them all!

What are their characteristics?

If you really want to capture the attention of your customers with a unique and amazing product, choose Profumotti™: 100% Made in Italy perfumers for car washes and petrol stations.

The diffusers are handmade by skilled craftsme and we take care of every detail and constantly offer products of the high quality, obtained from ecological and guaranteed materials.

By displaying them you can easily attract the gaze of customers looking for a unique car diffuser, beautiful and with amazing fragrances.

These are the characteristics of Profumotti™:

  • High quality Ecological materials 
  • Maximum attention to every detail
  • Completely handmade in Italy 
  • Large number of fragrances, shapes, colors and sizes
  • The scented keychains are practical, elegant and extraordinarily scented

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