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22 February 2021

New perfumers for the environment: for a 100% ECO house

The protection of the environment is an issue, as well as a responsibility and a commitment, which is very dear to us at Eurotessuti. In fact, scenting a room with our Profumotti®, is much more than just giving a simple fragrance to a room or embellishing walls and spaces: our projects are born and developed with the aim of safeguarding not only the mastery of Made in Italy craftsmanship and design, but also, and above all, the environment in which we live.


For this reason we have created a special line of diffusers, which more than any other, encapsulates the environmental vocation of Eurotessuti: the Eco Profumotti®! Excellent for decorating different styles of home, the Eco Profumotti® are also versatile and original accessories to carry with you at all times and, why not, perfect as gift ideas!

ARIEL RECYCLED: The ecological fabric that saves the oceans

Did you know that only 5 bottles are needed to obtain one square meter of fabric? To produce Eco Profumotti® we use a fabric, the result of an innovative and sustainable technology, called ARIEL RECYCLED, made with polyester from PET bottles recovered directly from the oceans. The transformation process is rigorously low environmental impact and non-polluting: the bottles are in fact subjected to a recycling process according to strict protocols, with the aim of reducing waste in order to avoid any impact on the environment. From the plastic of the bottles a highly efficient and resistant fabric is obtained, equivalent to a virgin raw material.

ECO PERFUME®: Why choose them now

Why choose our Eco Profumotti®? By purchasing just one of the Eco Profumotti® you can help make the oceans cleaner and leave to future generations a less polluted planet. And the patterns? Lots of them, available in regular, mini or maxi sizes, to satisfy all your space and decoration needs. And what about fragrances? You can be sure to always find your favorite aromas, which are periodically joined by new proposals for every taste and intensity!


Just like all our Profumotti®, Eco Profumotti® are made with great care at every stage of production and are made entirely by hand, except for the laser cutting of the shapes, which allows for greater precision and manageability. The fantasies in which you can find them are different and mainly recall the animal and vegetable world:

  • Fish
  • Monkey
  • Cactus
  • Turtle and Daisy

And many others!

To request more information and receive advice on choosing your next Profumotti®, contact us without obligation and subscribe to our newsletter: we will reward you with a 10% discount on your first purchase! 


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