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02 November 2022

How to choose and use home diffusers

All the useful tips for choosing the perfect home diffusers for your home

Home diffusers are indispensable accessories in every season to furnish the house in a refined way and, at the same time, make it fragrant and even more welcoming, creating a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Perfumes, in fact, can affect the mood and our emotions and, thanks to their aromatherapy properties, have a beneficial effect on body and mind. By choosing quality home diffusers, such as the room diffusers proposed by Profumotti, you can make every room unique and spread in your home irresistible, relaxing or regenerating aromas and fragrances. 

Before choosing a home diffuser, however, you will have to evaluate not only the fragrance, but also the design and the materials with which it is made: the perfumer will have to adapt to the best environment in which it is inserted, the style of the furniture and the characteristics of your home. 

But what are the specific aspects to consider when choosing the perfect home diffuser? Here are some tips and useful tips to avoid mistakes and find the most suitable perfumer for your needs. 

How to choose a home diffuser

Home diffusers are an easy way to furnish, spread pleasant fragrances in your home and keep it fresh all day long. They are perfect for areas dedicated to relaxation, such as the living room or the bedroom, but also for the kitchen, for study or to perfume places of passage or any corner of the house. In addition to the type of fragrance, to choose the perfect room diffuser you will need to evaluate several aspects, such as:

  • materials: before buying a diffuser for environments make sure that it is made of safe and quality materials and that it contains fragrances that do not contain harmful substances and that ensure optimal and lasting fragrance diffusion;
  • size, which will depend on the type of use and the size of the room in which you want to place the speaker. If it is a small space, such as the bathroom, hallway or a small bedroom, you can opt for a 250 ml diffuser that can fit on a coffee table, shelf or bedside table. If it is a larger space, such as the living room or an open space, better to choose a larger diffuser (from 500 or 1000 ml), or place more perfumers in different corners of the room;
  • design and color: the diffuser must fit harmoniously into the environment and enhance the existing furniture. Choose a perfumer that recalls the colors of the walls or other furniture elements and that best suits the type of environment in which you would like to place it. Profumotti® home diffusers with sticks, covered in wool or soft velvet, are well suited to both classic and modern environments and are perfect to give a touch of color to the house; 
  • type of room: is another important factor in the choice. Different rooms may require different scents: for the bedroom or the living room, for example, are ideal delicate fragrances, which convey a feeling of calm and well-being; For the working studio or the living room can also choose more intense fragrances or energizing properties, perfect to promote concentration and give you the right energy during the day. 

How to use a home diffuser

Sticks home diffusers are very easy to use, but to ensure an optimal and lasting fragrance you will need to make sure you use them correctly. To allow the fragrance to spread in the environment, simply immerse the sticks in the bottle containing the scented liquid and wait for them to absorb the scent. The fragrance will spread gradually and capillary in the room and in the various rooms of the house. 

To maintain a good spread, it is a good idea to flip the sticks regularly, more or less frequently depending on the intensity of the desired fragrance (at least once or twice a week). In general, avoid placing the bottle near sources of heat or drafts, such as fans, air conditioners, or open windows, which could accelerate fragrance evaporation and hinder uniform diffusion. 

Design room diffusers: discover Profumotti’s proposals!

Profumotti®  home diffusers are design products designed to furnish any type of environment and contain combinations of refined fragrances. They are made entirely in Italy with selected materials, safe and designed to best fit your home. They are distinguished by the elegant transparent glass bottle covered in fabric, with wool or velvet: different colors, textures and fragrances that will make your environments unique and refined!

You can choose from many models, in 250 or 500 ml depending on the environment to which they are intended and the type of fragrance you prefer. Among the Profumotti® design home diffusers you can find:  

  • Capri diffuser, with its fragrance of citrus notes, is perfect to bring a breath of freshness and recreate the atmosphere of summer holidays in the bedroom, living room or in the environments you prefer. Upholstered in water green Italian velvet, it fits perfectly in the most classic environments, but is also ideal to enhance and make more elegant modern environments; 

  • Venezia diffuser antique pink is ideal for lovers of delicate colors and romantic atmospheres. The elegant bottle covered with Italian wool makes this diffuser particularly elegant, perfect also for the girls' room or to make more sophisticated the living room; 

  • Ostuni home diffuser stands out for its refined design and contains a warm and welcoming fragrance, with a typically oriental scent, with woody notes accompanied by lemon and bergamot, date and honey, perfect for warming the house in autumn and winter. 

  • Portofino diffuser, which contains an energizing and regenerating frgrance, ideal to be placed in the living room, in the studio or in the entrance to welcome guests with an unmistakable scent. The citrus top notes of Mandarin and bergamot give this fragrance a particular freshness, enhanced by a bouquet of roses and wildflowers and a woody and musky background; 

  • Taormina diffuser covered in forest green velvet. It contains a fragrance that recalls the blooming citrus groves and the sea of Sicily: the notes of bergamot are mixed with the sweet and spicy aroma of cinnamon, on a base made even more intense by white musk and sweet woods. The perfect fragrance to perfume the house in the autumn season

Discover all the available diffusers and choose the most suitable fragrances for your home! If you need more information, please contact us. Our staff is always available to advise and guide you in the purchase. 

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