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21 December 2022

Gift ideas to perfume Christmas

Many scented gift ideas to make Christmas holidays even more special

Christmas is getting closer. One of the most awaited moments of the year returns, with a magical atmosphere made of lights, decorations, decorations for the house and gifts under the tree. The Christmas holidays are the perfect opportunity to remember and demonstrateeffect to friends, family and all the people you love with unique gifts and gifts. Why not do it with a scented gift, designed just for them?

Room perfumers are perfect gift ideas for Christmas, especially if they contain combinations of refined fragrances, ideal to create the right Christmas atmosphere and make the house more welcoming, not only during the holidays but throughout the year! The fabric perfumers and the room diffusers with sticks by Profumotti are designed to perfume the different rooms of the house with fragrances that last a long time and convey a feeling of pleasant well-being. Handcrafted in Italy and cared for in every detail, they are also elegant pieces of furniture, perfect to give (or give) to give a personal touch to the house and make Christmas even more special. 

Among the perfumers proposed by Profumotti you can find many scented gift ideas for Christmas: fabric perfumers with different fragrances, shapes and colors, also ideal to hang on the tree as original Christmas decorations and diffusers with sticks with typical winter fragrances. Here are some scented gift ideas that are perfect for smelling Christmas.

Home fragrances: the perfect gift for Christmas

Home fragrances are among the most popular gifts and appreciated during the holidays, especially by those who love to take care of their home. The room diffusers with sticks of Profumotti are distinguished by the elegant glass bottle and contain unique fragrances, designed to create pleasant and relaxing atmospheres, especially during the holidays. They are entirely made in Italy with high quality materials and covered in wool or velvet in many different colors, so ideal to give as a gift to make an original gift, which is perfectly suited to any environment and style of furniture. 

They are available in different sizes (250 or 500 ml), depending on the type of use and the environment for which they will be intended: for small spaces you can choose the 250 ml mini size, while for larger spaces, such as living rooms, bedrooms or large open space you can opt for the regular size of 500 ml. They can be placed in any room of the house - from the kitchen to the living room, from the sleeping area to the study, up to the bathroom - and use them is very simple: just immerse the sticks in the bottle, flip them more or less frequently depending on the desired fragrance intensity and wait for the scent to gradually spread into the environment. 

Christmas room diffusers: the ideal fragrances in winter

Among the Christmas perfumers with warm and enveloping fragrances, perfect for the Christmas time, you can choose: 

  • Ostuni room diffuser, particularly recommended for those who love warm and woody scents, with oriental charm. Upholstered in light grey wool, it has a warm, intense and enveloping fragrance in which the top notes formed by storaceous bergamot lemon wood blend with leather, cedar wood and the sweetness of date and honey; 
  • Portofino diffuser, suitable for lovers of fresh citrus fragrances. It contains a fragrance with energizing and revitalizing properties, with top notes of Mandarin and bergamot combined with a floral bouquet and a patchouli bottom, which gives a woody note, typical of muffled musks. The particularly elegant bottle, covered in fine blue velvet, makes it perfect for the sleeping area, for the living room or the areas dedicated to relaxation; 
  • Venezia room diffuser upholstered in antique pink wool, perfect to surprise her or for those who love the romantic atmosphere. It contains a bewitching and charming scent composed of Sambac Jasmine, Jacaranda wood, vanilla and musk, which create an irresistible and seductive fusion
  • Taormina room diffuser in forest green velvet, ideal to furnish the house during the holidays or to create original Christmas compositions in the living room. It is distinguished by the fruity and flowery fragrance in which the notes of bergamot are mixed with the sweet notes of cinnamon, on a base enriched with white musk and sweet woods. The perfect fragrance to warm the house in winter! 

Fabric perfumers: an original gift idea for Christmas!

Want to impress friends and family with a nice and original gift idea? The fabric perfumers by Profumotti are the perfect gift idea for perfume lovers! You can find them in different sizes, colors and subjects and with many combinations of fragrances: fruity or vanilla, flowery or musky, intense and enveloping or fresher and lighter, designed to satisfy all tastes. 

Thanks to the comfortable lanyard, the Profumotti, in mini format, can be hung on bags and backpacks, inside the cabinets or in the car, to ensure a lasting fragrance and transmit pleasant feelings of well-being, even driving. Not only that: they can be placed in drawers to perfume linen, or hung in the children’s room to create cheerful, fun and fragrant decorations!

Depending on the type of use and the tastes of your recipient you can choose from various subjects: 

  • animal diffusers, which will surely appeal to children and all animal lovers. You can choose between perfumers in the shape of dog, cat, birds, owls, bees, butterflies and many other subjects! 
  • flower diffusers, the perfect gift for lovers of nature and flowers. The four-leaf clover-shaped perfumer with ladybug can also be used as cute fragrant good luck charms! 


Discover all the fragrances to make Christmas even more special... and fragrant!

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