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14 February 2023

How to use a home diffuser

Useful tips to make the best use of home diffusers and take care of your Profumotti®

Home diffusers are the ideal choice to perfume the house, but also to furnish all the rooms and spaces you live in daily. In addition to spreading pleasant and persistent fragrances in the air, in fact, they can be elegant furnishing accessories, perfect to give a touch of refinement and color to environments, both classic and modern. Depending on your needs and the type of space you want to perfume, you can choose between different types of perfumers, with different styles, sizes and colors and various combinations of fragrances, from the freshest to the warmest and most enveloping.

Home diffusers by Profumotti® are the perfect solution to bring your favorite fragrances with you and perfume wardrobes, drawers and shoe racks, but also the interior of the car and the most spacious walk-in closets. Thanks to the practical lanyard you can also use them as cute keychains or to customize backpacks and bags. For your house you can prefer reed diffusers designed to release the fragrances gradually and evenly. 

Whatever type of diffuser you decide to buy, to ensure that the result is optimal and make the fragrance last longer, you will need to take some precautions. Here are some tips to make the best use of your home diffusers

How to use a reed diffuser

Before seeing specifically how to use a reed diffuser, it is important to note that the intensity and duration of the fragrance can vary according to different aspects, such as the size and characteristics of the environment in which the diffuser is placed, the temperature and the presence of drafts, which could accelerate the evaporation of the fragrance. 

In general, try to choose the size of the perfumer proportionally to the size of the space in which it will be placed. A bottle too small in a room too large would not be able to guarantee an optimal and uniform fragrance. For spaces from 10 to 20 m² the 250 ml format is perfect, while for larger environments the ideal format is 500 ml. In particular, for large rooms it is preferable to place two or more redd diffusers on opposite sides of the room.

Using a reed diffuser is quite simple: simply dip the sticks in the bottle and flip them more or less frequently depending on the intensity of fragrance you want to spread the scent in the surrounding environment by capillary lift.

To ensure a better diffusion of the fragrance and a longer life of the perfumer: 

  • place the diffuser in a central area of the room (for example on a table or on a cabinet), so that the air displacements help the fragrance spread evenly. Instead, avoid the points near the heat sources because they could favor the evaporation of the fragrance and therefore a shorter duration of the fragrance; 

  • flip the sticks regularly to ensure a constant propagation of the perfume in the environment. To achieve a greater intensity of the fragrance, turn them at least once a day; 

  • if possible, place the perfumer not too high, but not too low, or in any case not below the meter of height to prevent the scent from dispersing. The scent tends to go up, so if you place the perfumer too high you won’t feel it. 

How to use fabric perfumers

Fabric perfumers are the ideal choice to perfume cabinets or small rooms, or to spread your favorite fragrances in your car and create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Profumotti® perfumers are made with a cereal base, or a base eva, which ensures a pleasant fragrance of the highest quality. Unlike traditional diffusers with essential oils or perfumers with sticks containing liquids, they are even more practical and simple to use. The perfumers in Mini format are equipped with a comfortable lanyard that allows you to hang them wherever you want, in the different rooms of the house, in wardrobes and walk-in closets, in the car mirror, or bags and backpacks to always carry them with you, at work, on vacation or on the go! 

The coating is made with quality fabrics, which in addition to promoting the spread of the fragrance also help to absorb any odors. In addition, the fabric gives a pleasant feel to the touch and, when the scent fades, you can reuse the perfumers to create original decorations for the home or as original keychains. Also in this case, to make the fragrance last longer, try to place them away from heat sources and avoid exposing them to prolonged direct sunlight, which may also discolor the tissues. 

Profumotti® perfumers are available with many combinations of fragrances, perfect in every season of the year: citrus, orange and blueberry, cinnamon and pomegranate, mint and lime, lavender and many more. Choose the fragrance you prefer to bring your favorite fragrances always with you and enjoy moments of special well-being! 

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