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Citrus fruits laundry diffusers

Are you looking for citrus diffusers to have a laundry always fresh and fragrant? Handmade in Italy by specialized artisans, Profumotti by Eurotessuti contain unique and exclusive fragrances, desig...

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Vanilla laundry diffusers

Are you looking for a vanilla laundry perfumer to give your clothes a unique fragrance? Choose Profumotti, Eurotessuti fabric diffusers handmade with high quality materials!

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Lavender laundry diffusers

Are you looking for lavender laundry diffusers to give your wardrobe a fresh and long-lasting scent? Eurotessuti home diffusers are the ideal products to give the fabrics intense and unmistakable f...

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Wedding favors: tips for choosing

Wedding favors are a tradition that dates back centuries. In the past, they were often made of precious materials such as silver or glass, and today they come in a wide range of styles and material...

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Scented sachet wedding favours

Are you looking for a way to give beautiful, fun, and useful wedding favours? Profumotti® are your solution.

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