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Tailored diffuser


Personalize the diffusers with your company logo

To each one his Profumotto. Eurotessuti constantly engages in making sure of the quality of the product and also making sure that the client can choose his favorite diffuser according to his own taste and, if necessary, that he can customize as he wants.

For this reason Eurotessuti offers a customization service, which will allow to have a fragrance diffuser that is perfectly suited for the client. An even more exclusive product, in the shape, color, fabric and other characteristics. For example, the diffuser can be branded using the client’s brand too.

The logo could be put on the packaging and/or on the product directly. The diffuser comes in different sizes too, so that it can be even more suitable for every occasion and utilization, in order to have a unique object in every way possible.

A truly tailor-made service

Eurotessuti offers the customization service of Profumotti™, which allows you to obtain a perfumer made for you, an even more exclusive and dedicated product. If you wish, for example, the perfumers can be branded with the logo of your company, shop or team. Logo that can be on the packaging or directly on the surface of the perfumer. On request, you can also customized the dimensions, choosing  the best format for your environment,  to have a unique diffuser made especially for you.

Handmade in Italy by expert and passionate artisans, they perfume every room giving a touch of elegant fantasy. In addition, once the essence is exhausted, they can be used as design objects.

Retailer: how to propose a unique and distinctive product

For those who manage gift shops or wedding favors, it is essential to offer to their customers a unique and valuable product able to stand out among the many options on the market.

Giving to customers the opportunity to customize their perfumers is an undoubted advantage compared to many industrial objects. The Profumotti™ can really be tailor-made according to the customer's requests. This makes them ideal for ceremonies and events such as:


For customized Profumotti™ it is necessary to order a minimum quantity *. Contact us for more information.

* The quantity for customizations varies according to the type of processing required.

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To protect the health of those who prepare orders and those who make deliveries, we have decided to place a minimum order of € 14, excluding shipping.