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How to get room air fresheners

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Are you looking for a home diffuser unique in its genre? Or do you need a small design object that is striking, at the same time? Profumotti are all of this and then some: they are true sensorial experience. If you are a furniture company, a shop or a private buyer, talk to us for every need you might have. We will advice you in the most suitable product for your and your clientele’s needs. We will supply customized diffusers and take care of the delivery and distribution according to your time request.

Whom Profumotti can be suitable for?

Profumotti are particularly suitable for retailers in different categories. The diffusers by Eurotessuti can be used in different ways, because they are not simply home frangrance diffusers, but also decorative accessories, keychains, and much more. Moreover, thanks to the different sizes and the customization, they can match different clientele needs. They are the ideal solution for a wide range of shops:

  • furniture shops;
  • gift shop;
  • diffusers shops;
  • car accessories shops;
  • ceremony accessory shops.

Which are the advantages of a diffuser supply?

For retailers and commercial businesses that need to have a large quantity of product at their disposal, Eurotessuti service is ideal. Requesting a supply will give you the advantage of a price based on your quantity; moreover the distribution is directly managed by Eurotessuti and it’s fast and punctual, even during peak season (like Christmas for example).

Requesting a supply is fast and simple, and our staff is at your disposal to advice you about which product is more suitable for your business and clientele, to keep you up to date for the production and for new supplies in case of out of stock in your shop.

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